Alexander Magus, a half-blood wizard at Marlowe's Thaumaturgical Academy, was born on March 14, 1941.  He was one of about 30 or so students sorted into House Reynard in 1952.


Alexander Magus, known to most as "Magus," was born and raised in Washington DC  He was born to a muggle father, an accountant named Robert, and a witch mother, Amelia, a wand-maker for an independent wand maker based in Washington DC.  As a child he always looked very much like his father.  Robert was born into an extremely well-off and prosperous family in Eastern Massachusetts, mostly Boston.  Alexander's mother, however, came to Washinton DC from California due to conflicts with native wizardry and a better job market.  He is a very studious child and was very early when showing signs of magic.  He grew up following the Washington United terathin team and continues to be an avid fan.  When he turned 11, Magus' mother started making his wand.  Magus' wand is 11 and three-quarters inches, made of olive wood, and its core is a phoenix tail feather.  He has a barn owl named Merlin.

First YearEdit

Barn Owl-Tyto alba alba


Alexander Magus entered Marlowe's Thaumaturgical Academy in 1952 in a class of about 200 new students.  When arriving at the Academy, Magus struck up a quick rivalry with a set of twins named Yanice and Yenfalcon Fiedlerson.  Prior to sorting, Magus decided to give his favorite childhood book to the Sorting Well however during the sorting ceremony, House Reynard was revealed and Magus was kept to be sorted as the rest of the school was taken back to their dormitories.  Magus was one of the few students sorted into House Reynard along with fellow first-years Carl Christianson and the Fiedlerson twins.  Magus was taken aside by Professor Charles Kotodama and was used to open the gates to the Reynard dorms by way of blood sacrifice.  That night Magus and Fielderson twins recounted their previous statements and formed a new but tentative friendship.

The second day of school culminated with Magus having successfully brewed a basic yet impressive potion and discovering the ire many professors have toward House Reynard.