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House Lumberluck is home to the most honest, hard-working students at Marlowe's Thaumaturgical Academy.  It was founded by Lucille Lumberluck  when the school was first established.  The current head of Lumberluck House is the Head Healer Duncan Sheppley.  Lumberluck's house colors are green, bronze, and white.  The house mascot is an otter.



The Lumberluck dorms are on the ground level.  Their common room space is a tangle of living trees that supports bedrooms, meeting places, and study areas.  The forest is known as Lumberluck Forest and all the trees are just offshoots of the largest tree, The Heart Tree.  In winter, Lumberlucks must bundle up to keep as opposed to using fires because of their completely wooden living space.  The trees that form the dormitories are gentle creatures to Lumberluck students but can turn hostile on a dime when berated by students of other houses.

Other Notable LumberlucksEdit