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Pythonus House is home to the most cunning and ambitious students at Marlowe's Thaumaturgical Academy.  It was founded by Percival Pythonus  when the school was first established.  The current head of Pythonus House is Professor Euan Amaris.  Pythonus' house colors are purple, yellow, and white.  The house mascot is a python.



Unlike the other houses, the Pythonus dorms move as the campus builds newer and newer additions.  Pythonus House employs the use of paid house elf labor to maintain their facilities.  They reach their dorms via a house elf-run zeppelin service.  Their common room is akin to a high-end hotel ballroom and lounge area.  Pythonus house elves are employed to either maintain the common room or are a part of the House Elf Security Force.  

Other Notable PythonusesEdit