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Marlowe's Thaumaturgical Academy is a school of the magical arts for all young American wizards.  The largest school in the Western Hemisphere, it is only dwarfed by its parent school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  There are five houses at Marlowe's, House Swifken, House Whitehart, House Pythonus, House Lumberluck, and House Reynard.


Marlowe's Thaumaturgical Academy was founded in 1608 by five European wizards who came to the New World with the Jamestown settlers.  The five wizards were William Whitehart, Percival Pythonus, Sophia Swifken, Lucille Lumberluck, and Romulus Reynard.  The first students of Marlowe's were the children of immigrants leaving Europe.  


At Marlowe's, sorting takes place in the Great Courtyard.  Entering students will take an item they deem precious to them and drop it into the Sorting Well.  As the item falls it echoes which warps into the name of the house they are assigned.

When a student leaves Marlowe's, either by graduating or expulsion, they will lower a small, wooden bucket on a chain into the well, draw it back out, and retrieve their item, which magically appears in the bucket.

Teaching StaffEdit


Marlowe's was built near downtown Chicago, on an island just offshore in Lake Michigan.  Students arrive at the academy by a network of magic zeppelins.